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Sandpit protect

If you want to be on the safe side, replace both. 

The installation of a new front door lock is not complicated in itself. If you take the time to do it, you will succeed. It is important that you buy a lock with the best possible burglar resistance. These are divided into resistance classes. 

Replace the front door lock for more security

Before you can replace the front door lock, the old lock must first be removed. Use a screwdriver to remove the lock cylinder and then, among other things, the lock fittings. It is important that the replacement has the same dimensions. The hardware should be much stronger than the old one, because this ultimately creates more security.

Installation takes place step by step

When installing, it is important to have a sure instinct: the new locking cylinder is inserted into the mortise lock, whereby the length of the cylinder sides must be taken into account. It shouldn’t be much longer or shorter, but should lock well with the door. Then you have to insert the forend screw directly into the hole and tighten it. The new interior fitting is inserted into the holes and screwed tight. You do the same with the external fitting.

Finally, it makes sense to do a test. In the event that something is stuck, ask someone to wait behind the door with a key.

Our video shows how you can proceed:

Exchange by the professional

If you are unsure or do not have the right tool, the locksmith will also change your front door lock. The professional exchanges the locks professionally and also ensures that the safety standards are adhered to, everything fits together and closes optimally. 

However, the costs are higher due to this professional installation. In addition to the material costs (from 50 euros), there are also wage and travel costs. You will receive a reliable result and can contact the specialist directly if you have any questions or discrepancies.

Locksmiths often also have locks with different resistance classes on offer. Rely on resistance class RC3 or higher. The classes are regulated according to DIN EN 1627. The security of the locking cylinders is classified according to DIN 18252 – that of the locks according to DIN 18251.

Individual advice makes sense here. The police have also published a list of certified locksmiths. It is advisable to hire a verified handyman, especially with regard to burglary protection.

Resistance classes of locks and cylinders

The resistance class of burglar-resistant components is regulated by the DIN series of standards EN 1627-1630. The classes indicate how long an intruder needs on average to overcome the measures. 

Resistance class

Door lock

Lock cylinder

Resistance time

DIN EN 1627

DIN 18521

DIN 18252


Class 3

Class 1 BZ

3 minutes

RC2, RC2 N

Grade 4

Class 1 BZ

3 minutes


Grade 4

Class 1 BZ

5 minutes


Class 5

Class 2 BZ

10 mins


Individual examination

Individual examination

15 minutes


Individual examination

Individual examination

20 minutes

In the resistance classes from RC5 onwards, the properties of the materials such as frames, doors, etc. also play a role in classifying the locks and cylinders.

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If you have children, you want to create a nice sandpit in the garden. Because playing in the sandpit is very popular with young children. But which sand is best suited for this? You can find out how to build a sandpit yourself here.

Special sand for the sandpit

The sand should be replaced regularly in order to keep germ colonization as low as possible.gun control argumentative essay outline Because the sandpit is contaminated by flying dust, pollen and dirt, and even cats living in the wild like to confuse the boxes with their litter box. There are different varieties, for example in the hardware store. Special sandpit sand has to meet certain hygiene regulations in Germany, which is why it is also very suitable for children. The cleanliness is created here by several washes that reliably remove the dirt. Even if children put the sand in their mouths, which happens more often with small children, no harm can occur here. Nevertheless, it should be replaced at least once or twice a year.

The sand should be the right size and color

If the sand is too fine, the children will inhale it. A somewhat coarser grain size is also much better suited for building castles. A light clay content also provides more support when playing. The optimal grain size is around 0.5 mm to a maximum of 1.5 mm. Coarser sand would be uncomfortable for children’s skin as it would rub the skin.

In terms of color, you can choose between different tones. Some of these could leave residue on clothes when washed. Ask the hardware store employee or read the manufacturer’s information on the packaging.

Play outside: a separate sandpit for the garden and balcony

Protect the sandpit

So that the sand stays clean longer, the entire box can also be covered with a film for protection. These are also available in hardware stores and are available in different sizes. The film not only keeps dirt off, the sand also stays dry when it rains and is immediately ready to play again. You can also keep animals away with a foil. However, should you ever find animal droppings, this must always be removed immediately and over a large area.

If you want to buy a wooden sandpit or build it yourself, you have to follow a few tips. In principle, wood is very suitable for such a project. However, constant moisture could clog the sandpit. You can find out in detail how to build a sandpit yourself here.

A wooden sandpit brings back childhood memories

A sandpit in the home garden or on the balcony is something beautiful. Pretty much every adult associates it with fond memories of the childhood days when sandcastles and molds dominated everyday life on the playground. Far from any nostalgia, a wooden sandpit is of course a great place for the little ones to let off steam.

In terms of appearance, wood cannot be surpassed in this context: A sandpit made of wood simply looks much better than a concrete or plastic construction, for example. When purchasing, however, you should consider that the material wood weathers relatively quickly and can show signs of fatigue in the foreseeable future. In addition, the sharp edges at the corners of the sandpit could be dangerous in the event of a fall: plastic would be a better choice, at least with regard to this.

Tip: treat wood extensively

With a finished sandpit made of wood, the surface is usually pretreated against rain and other weather influences. In this case, from now on you only have to treat it with wood care products once or twice a year, as is also used on the terrace, for example.

Play outside: a separate sandpit for the garden and balcony

If, on the other hand, you build the sandpit yourself, you have to pay attention to the seams in addition to the impregnation: Nails should not stick out if possible in order to minimize the risk of injury. Sharp edges should be sanded off, even if this may reduce the look a little. Tip: Attach soft seat pads, for example, to the corners as protection.

The number of burglaries has been increasing in Germany for years. The resolution rate for burglary crimes, however, remains consistently low. So far, politics and police authorities have been largely perplexed by this development. According to information from "world" the interior ministers’ conference in Osnabrück has now discussed a scrapping bonus for windows and doors. Anyone who exchanges these and replaces them with burglar-resistant products should therefore receive financial support in the future.

Rogue teeth and their meaning – the secret codes of the burglar gangs
Photo series with 9 pictures

The model is the scrapping bonus for old cars, reports the newspaper. The proposal comes from "an ‘action plan’ against burglary crime, which the Foundation German Forum for Crime Prevention and Police Crime Prevention of the federal states and the federal government have worked out.

Already clear ideas about the amount of funding

Burglar-resistant products can be recognized by the VdS seal, according to which there are already clear ideas about how high the subsidy could be. According to the information, new doors are to be subsidized with a maximum of 400 euros each, new windows with a maximum of 100 euros each. Burglar-resistant products are marked with the VdS seal. Often the seal is also provided with one to three stars. The more stars the seal shows, the better the protection class of the respective product. There is still no information about the protection class the new windows and doors must meet in order for the funding to flow.

In any case, there is great pressure on politicians to act. "The number of burglaries has grown by more than 30 percent over the past four years", summarizes Dr. Helmut Rieche, chairman of the initiative for active burglar protection "Not with me!", the burglary statistics from the last few years. According to the police crime statistics, the clear-up rate has remained consistently low over the same period. In 2012, the perpetrators could only be identified in 15.7 percent of the cases.

In a representative survey by Provinzial Rheinland from August 2012, around two thirds of those questioned stated that they had already experienced burglaries in their own personal environment. Even a non-representative survey on heim.de confirms how widespread break-ins are now. Not even a quarter of the total of 19,600 participants (21.9 percent) stated that they had never come into contact with break-ins in their own environment.

Industry is happy about burglary protection plans from politicians

Not surprisingly, the affected industry is responding extremely benevolently to the plans of the politicians, which promise good business. "This is an important signal that massively meets the desire of German citizens for more security in their own four walls, ”comments Ulrich Tschorn, Managing Director of the Windows + Facade Association (VFF), on possible funding from the state. "With the modernization of outdated windows and doors, the initiators have identified the right starting point to make their craft more difficult for burglars", praises Tschorn.

Experts confirm the effectiveness of burglar-resistant windows and doors

Experts confirm that burglar-resistant windows and doors can help prevent break-ins. Many intruders are not very well versed, casual perpetrators. "For them, breaking in through poorly secured doors and windows is child’s play", explains Peter Benz from the technical prevention of the Stuttgart State Criminal Police Office. "Burglar-resistant windows, shutters, house, balcony and patio doors offer the best protection."

For burglars, breaking into apartments and houses secured in this way would be very time-consuming. Often, however, burglars abandon their plan after about five minutes in order not to be caught in the act. In addition, forcefully opening burglar-resistant doors and windows creates noise, which increases the risk of burglars being discovered.

Totally networked: if the house thinks for itself Motion detectors and spotlights: simple tips keep burglars away What is security?

If you don’t want to wait for politics and want to secure your home regardless of the scrapping premium, these 15 tips for better protection against burglary will help. Even very simple measures can effectively deter burglars.

Do you want to create a nice place for your children to play? Then take a closer look at the advantages of different sandpit models. They are made of wood or plastic, with very simple features or even with a slide.

Sandpit stimulates the imagination

When children play, they dive into a world of their own. The proverbial childlike imagination lets soft toys come to life and snowmen speak. A sandpit is the ideal way to meet the child’s urge for creative development. Whether with a rake and shovel or with an excavator and truck: the little ones can let off steam in the sand, build landscapes or build castles. Another advantage: sand is soft. If the children fall in the heat of the moment, they don’t hurt themselves. Many different sandpit models in different price ranges are available in stores.

The best sandpit model for your child

The variety of offers is great. You are sure to find the right sandpit model for your child. Two materials in particular are common: wood and plastic. Wooden sandpits usually look a bit nicer, but they also need more care. Models made of weatherproof plastic are much less sensitive. In both cases, you should pay attention to the seal of approval and environmental label in order to exclude exposure to harmful substances. Let your child have a say when it comes to choosing the sandpit model. But also calculate realistically how much space is available in the garden.

Play outside: a separate sandpit for the garden and balcony

Owners of large gardens have an advantage

You thought a sandpit was a wooden box one square meter in size? Not even close! In a large garden there is space for huge sandpit models that have their own roof or even a slide. If you choose such a model, your children will thank you.

A discarded sandpit can definitely still serve and can be converted into a rock garden with little effort.